Series 4
Episode 30


Posted By : Travel Oz

From the Taste Riverina Festival to the Barellan Tribute to Teams.

In Barellan, long teams of draft horses and bullocks are featured in the Tribute to Teams, capped off by a camel race.

In Griffith, the rich Italian heritage is shown with coverage of many unique Italian restaurants and food outlets.

In Murrumbidgee, Travel Oz shows lions and rhinos being hand fed at the Altina wildlife Park with big fish caught on the Murrumbidgee river.

In Narrandera, a range of river activities are featured, from kayaking and bike riding to the resurgence in the wild koala population.

In Gundagai, the road winding back takes us from the famed dog on the tuckerbox to the old jail, and a tribute to the aboriginal rescue efforts during the devastating floods of 1852 that drowned up to 82 residents.

And in Lockhart, the Travel Oz cameras follow the Farm Art trail in this town known for its long and wide verandahas.